We partner with Cuyahoga County,Lucas County, the Ohio Housing Finance Agency, and the Treasurer of State of Ohio to "buy down" the interest rate in order to make home rehab more affordable. KeyBank is our participating bank.

In 1992, the Cleveland Restoration Society launched a housing rehabilitation program in two City of Cleveland neighborhoods - one east, one west.

In 2001, the program expanded into other areas in the region as the Heritage Home Program.

Over 20 years after the Program's inception, we have provided 9,000 homeowners with helpful technical advice on over $200 million in projects. Additionally, our program has facilitated over 1,200 low interest loans on projects totaling over $46 million in neighborhood reinvestment.


Trudy Andrzejewski - Heritage Home Program Associate

Liz Cardarelli - Heritage Home Program Associate

Charles Crouch - Heritage Home Program Assistant

Dean Pavlik - Preservation Construction Specialist

Yasmin Ruiz-Patterson - Heritage Home Program Assistant


Additional support is provided in part by:

Cleveland Foundation

Cuyahoga Arts & Culture

National Trust for Historic Preservation

Ohio Arts Council

Our Participating Communities

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